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Taking Tiguan to the Outback: Gundabooka + Mutawintji National Parks

Two years ago I bought my first ever car; a white Volkswagen Tiguan. Ever since moving to Australia the car I really wanted was a Toyota FJ40, but I was advised that my penchant for inner-city living wasn’t conducive to owning one of those beasts, especially since it wouldn’t actually fit in my 1.9m high carpark. So the Tiguan it was – mid size, German, reliable, an AWD with average clearance that can fit neatly into the majority of Sydney parking bays. But I digress; this article is actually nothing about cars (a subject I know very little about). This whole preamble was to explain that I don’t own a 4WD but sometimes I forget this small fact. Which is why Tiguan ended up on a 4000km road trip, from Sydney to outback NSW and back again, driving some very questionable roads.

Now before you judge me for being a fool, I’ve lived in Australia long enough to know that if you’re going to do something marginally risky, at least be prepared for the risk. So before leaving Sydney I was equip…

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