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Big Mountains + Bigger Sky of Country NSW

One of the few benefits of the strange new world we find ourselves living in, is that working from home has become the norm. Which is how I found myself on a Friday working from "home" in the passenger seat of Tiguan as we hit the highway heading North in search of some big mountains. __ Mount Kaputar National Park  The drive was fairly uneventful - big stretches of nothing, with fields and open-cut mines dotted every now and then and the occasional little country town with their highstreets that look like time has stood still for the past 100 years. Perception of distance is different out here. You stop counting the kilometres and just pass the time looking at the changing landscape. The plan was to just keep driving until we got to Mount Kaputar National Park but we were treated to the back end of an East coast low, and the driving rain slowed our progress and eventually got the better of us, finally admitting defeat and spending the night in the back of Tigua

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